Please click on the links below to download our current Limited Warranty Claim Procedure.

The open a warrant claim, please DO NOT take the product back to the Distributor or Retailer. Please follow the procedure below under ‘Warranty Claim Procedure’ and contact our Warranty Claims Department directly at warranty@icurethane.com


Ic Urethane Products recommends using a mild all-purpose cleaner or a Wet Swiffer® and Dry Swiffer®. Do not use wax or products that will leave a residue. This is not a complete list of cleaners nor it it an endorsement or advertisement for any product. Insure the floor is completely dry and free from cleaning residue before placement of the mat.

Unique Mats should be store flat however, they may be rolled and stored for short periods of time. Roll the mat with the elastomeric top surface to the outside and the soft foam to the inside. Failure to roll the mat correctly may result in damage to the mat and will not be covered under the Warranty Program.

If you have questions, please call your local distributor or the manufacturer at 1.888.833.1887.